How to Treat a Dog with Separation Anxiety?

Coming home after a long vacation or a long day at work, running out of energy, your furry friend follows you to your living room and finds your favorite pair of shoes chewed by your furry friend. Your neighbor comes to you to inform you how your dog drives them crazy with barking and howling the entire day. If you find any similarity with your furry friend, it means your dog is suffering separation anxiety. 

In this content, you will come to know about some useful tips that can help you to treat your dog suffering from separation anxiety. 

Tips to ease the separation anxiety of your dog –

Ø  Before Leaving the House, Take Your Dog For a Long Walk 

Before you leave the house for a business meeting or a holiday, make sure you take your dog for a walk. You can make the walk more rigorous by using a dog backpack. After the walk, reward their submissive energy with food and water. They will feel happy. Some dogs require proper rest before eating, but dogs get the most benefit from hydration. The best idea is to leave your dog in a quiet place and resting mode while leaving home. 

Ø  No Eye Contact, No Touch, No Talk 

Don’t involve too much with your furry friend the day you leave. It will make the separation more painful for them. Depending on your dog’s anxiety level, you need to follow this rule for five minutes or an hour before leaving. 

Ø  Say Goodbye to Your Furry Friend Before Leaving 

If you are facing trouble following the rule of no talk, no-touch, and no eye contact, take a moment and tell your dog that you will miss him a lot just before leaving. Keep in mind that this practice is for you and not for your dog. If you don’t say goodbye, it will make you feel bad.

Most of the dog owners in today’s age opt for an invisible fence to ensure the security of their furry friend. Installing these fences helps create a boundary line around your property and makes your yard a safe place for your dog to enjoy playful activities. 

Ø  Stay Calm and Assertive 

When you are ready to go for a business meeting or office work, try to leave those concerned feelings for your pet behind. You must try to project to your dog that everything will be okay and give them positive energy from your end. An assertive and calm leader can easily treat separation anxiety in their furry friends. 

Ø  Start Leaving Your Dog Alone for Just Five Minutes 

Before you set out for a long holiday or a business trip, start leaving your dog for five minutes or so and then gradually extend the time to an hour. You should gradually increase the time before you leave for eight hours. It will help to deal with the dog’s anxiety. 

Ø  Leave an Audiobook for Your Dog 

Studies have shown that audiobooks create a long-lasting effect on dogs and help lessen their separation anxiety. As per the research, the human voice helps in reducing stress in dogs. Therefore, you should leave an audiobook when you are not at home.